Your discreet job search

Do you find it a little awkward at times searching for a new position while still at your current company?

Trying to figure out how to be as discreet as possible.

– Flagging your LinkedIn profile so others can now see you.

– Taking off work to interview.

– Possibly searching for positions during your workday.

– Speaking to recruiters, hiring managers and HR via text, phone, LI messaging, email.

– Figuring out how to block off your calendar without it being too obvious.

– Coming in to the office late wearing a suit (not so much nowadays if remote), hopefully you have time to change before your next Zoom session.

– Holding back information on why you can’t make the daily standup today (e.g. dentist appointment).

– Liking a job post you find on LinkedIn as others in your company may see it.

I think some may not want to deal with the hassle of all this and find it easier to just stay put.

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