Where’s the entry level Salesforce bar?

Has the bar gotten higher over time?

Or maybe it hasn’t ever changed, and we’re just throwing out more suggestions to try and be helpful.

I think some find success regardless of where the bar is set, while some keep putting a higher bar in place for themselves with the hopes they’ll find it too.

The story of versus…

Get 1 certification versus no, you need multiple.

Getting 50 badges versus no, you need at least 500.

Having 3 months volunteer experience versus no, you need at least 6 (or 9 or 12).

Working for a non-profit versus no, don’t do that, you’ll screw it up.

Showcasing 1 app that you’ve built versus no, you need to showcase 3 or more.

Knowing Flow versus no, you’ll need proficiency in Flow AND Apex.

Putting an hour in a day versus no, at least 2 are needed.

Make 10 new connections a week versus, 20 will be better.

Attend 2 meetups a month versus, 4 will definitely get you there.

Experienced with other CRMs versus no, that experience doesn’t apply to Salesforce.

Having experience in a particular industry versus no, employers don’t care all that much.

Unfortunately, in a world full of suggestions, more confusion and frustration can also be created.

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