Week In Review As One Of Those No-Good, Self-Serving, Resume-Slinging, Commission-Driven, Recruiters.

This past week I was passively called out on LinkedIn for not continuing to stay in my career as a CRM delivery manager and instead becoming one of “those, there recruiters”.

Now that it has been 2 years in this new profession, I thought it was good timing to write another article.

Below are examples of this week’s activities and more importantly, to share ideas of how I might be able to help you by utilizing my background, network, and experience.

Read and wrote an Amazon review on Deepa Patel’s great book: Beyond CRM Basics (formal review and LinkedIn article/video will be coming soon).

Expanded my LinkedIn CRM network with those that liked or commented on my previous posts over the last week on the Salesforce job market; sending personal invites to everyone for future engagement and content sharing.

Conducted phone interviews with Salesforce Admins, BA’s, Developers and Solution Architects for open roles I’m supporting to understand what a good opportunity would look like for them and if the open roles I’m supporting make sense for their candidacy.

Went to face to face meetings with both CRM & ERP professionals to discuss ideas such as: advancing your career as a Salesforce admin; pros and cons moving from a full time employee to a contractor; state of the Houston market for a CRM consultant looking to get off the road; ideas to break into the Salesforce market for someone who doesn’t have experience yet; how to sell/market yourself more aggressively than randomly applying for positions on job boards; sharing my network with others to also get more opinions than just mine.

Communicated with Salesforce professionals in India looking for opportunities in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia; posted an article to try and solicit ideas since I don’t have many answers.

Communicated with customers that I’m supporting on market challenges, resume submissions, interviews, follow-ups, etc. – also had a few Lightning developers/contractors whose project came to an unexpected close (not good) but I also had a full time Salesforce Sr. analyst accept a position in Houston moving from California (good).

Team outing with a group of Salesforce developers that are working through Imperastaff for a customer in North Houston – after 5 rounds of bowling, I think I’ve met my quota for the next 3 years.

Created a Youtube channel to upload over 20 videos on ideas around recruiting, interviewing, job search, etc. for future reference.

Signed up for Dreamforce and Northeast Dreamin, as well as spoke to Amy Oplinger about presenting at India Dreamin in December. They’re also looking for sponsors if anyone is interested.

Engaged, liked, posted, promoted, commented or reviewed various CRM related content such as Mike Wheeler’s new career program, the Salesforce Summer 2018 release, Mike Driver’s/Ed Garry’s white paper on CRM Data Responsibility, Ben Hosking’s witty Hosk Wisdom quotes and other items.

I’m always open to new ideas, so please let me know if you feel there are additional topics of content that you would find useful.

In conclusion, thank you for your support over the last 2 years in my mission to become the most helpful, dependable, knowledgeable, and connected CRM recruiter in the industry.

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