Salesforce Newcomers: Workbench

Do you have the tools to be successful?

If you’re not familiar with Workbench, you should probably check it out.

It provides capabilities such as:

  • Object Explorer (Fields, Relationships, Metadata)
  • Data Management and Data Loading (Download into Excel and Upload/Update/Upsert)
  • Metadata Deployment/Retrieval/Explorer (yes!)
  • Determining who modified an object and when (darn you, new Admin)
  • SOQL/SOSL Querying (which builds the query for you)
  • Migrations (instead of change sets or another migration tool)
  • Running Anonymous Apex (instead of the Dev console)
  • Testing API’s (instead of Postman)
  • Streamining Data (to see what data comes in)
  • Password Management (eek!)

And other useful features.

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