Throwback Tuesday: Interview Flops

Stage: 1999, last semester of college, Hewlett-Packard was hosting a career day in Atlanta

Me: New suit and shoes, resumes printed (on resume paper, mind you), black portfolio in hand; So Fresh, So Clean (for you OutKast fans)

Short intro with the interviewer (a techie), he didn’t care about my resume (why would he? I’m 21 after all)…

1st Question: 

Interviewer: What is the purpose of using a ping command?

Me: A what?

Interviewer: A ping command 

Me: I’m not sure (yes, I did have a networking class in college, but probably day dreaming about being a rapper during that day’s lesson)

Interviewer: Thanks for coming by…NEXT CANDIDATE!

End to end, maybe a 55 second interview.

I’d like to think I have had a reasonably successful career in tech after that embarrassing mishap. 

Don’t let 1 poor turnout define your career. 

Or better said:

“Make a business for yourself, set some goals. Make a fat diamond out of dusty coals” ~OutKast

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