Those that attended the Salesforce Career Fair this past week.

Some questions that you might want to ask yourself (or share here):

– What was your biggest takeaway?

– Was there anything that you would have done differently in preparation prior to the event?

– Did you discover anything new about yourself?

– Are you able to reassess what employers are looking for and start taking additional steps to achieve that?

– Did you make some mistakes and take mental notes of those?

– Did it lift your spirit or deflate you? If the latter, what can you do about it?

– Do you have a follow-up plan in place? Have you started executing on it?

– Can you make a LinkedIn connection with those that you met to open up the social media connection?

– Did you receive some constructive feedback following the discussion? If not, can you ask for it?

If you didn’t get the ultimate outcome you were shooting for, hopefully, you learned a few things and can take some additional steps that will get you a little closer to your goal.

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