The Value of Employee Collisions

Although the article in the comments, was written in 2014, some of it is probably still relevant today, as it discusses different types of office environments to improve overall performance.

Key notes:

  • Chance encounters and unplanned interactions between knowledge workers, both inside and outside the organization—improves performance.

  • Sometimes circulating, exploring, engaging, and increasing the number of people’s collisions is more important than individual productivity or creativity.

  • Engineers who share a physical office were 20% more likely to stay in touch digitally than those who worked elsewhere.

  • Allen Curve, shows more communication occurs with less distance and we are four times more likely to communicate regularly with someone sitting 6 feet away from us than 60.

  • Data shows that digital communication can’t replace face-to-face interaction and may actually be enhanced by it.

  • A strong emphasis on: Out of sight, out of sync.

I realize this is going against the grain with the strong push for remote work, but I thought the article had some valid points.

Maybe you’ll agree if you previously (or currently) work in an office setting.

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