The transparency cycle…

Are we transparent?

Maybe too transparent?

Maybe not transparent enough?

How do we know?

Usually, we debate this in our head for longer than we care to.

Then we often 2nd guess ourselves, after we send the message across.

Did we say too much?

Could we have said more?

What will they think?

Then even worse, we realized we made a mistake (after we sent it), now what do we do?

Great, another cycle of internal questioning begins…

Will they notice it?

Will they question it?

Do we fix it? 

Do we leave it?

Do we wait until…?

Do we even care?

Do we have the courage to admit we made a mistake and face possible repercussions?

How often do we go through this series of transparency questioning in our own minds any given day?

Probably more than we’d like…

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