The Pregnancy Pause

Mothers –

Do you have a gap in your resume when you took time away for maternity leave and not sure how to account for it?

In reviewing a candidate’s background yesterday, she had an employer listed as: The Pregnancy Pause

Which intrigued me, so I did some research…

Essentially, it’s a fictitious company that you can add to your resume and LI profile to illustrate your work at being a Mom.

Details below from their website:

Since resume gaps have historically been so hard to talk about, we created a company mothers can list on LinkedIn for the duration of their leave: “Mom” at “The Pregnancy Pause.”

Because the easier it is for moms, employers and all of America to talk about maternity leave, the sooner we can combat discrimination.

On your resume:

  1. Add your job title as a “Mom” at the company “The Pregnancy Pause” to your LinkedIn profile under “Experience” for the duration of your maternity leave.
  2. Explain your experience during maternity leave as it applies to you under “Description.” This could be anything from “Designer of human life” to “Hands-on experience in development.” You know best.
  3. Publish your new job, updating your network on this exciting period in your career – and watch the congratulations roll in.

You can also look at mom’s who have been employed there to check out what they had for their job descriptions if you need ideas.

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