The Onboarding Process

When you’re starting a new position with a new company or even a new project as a consultant, have you come across some unfortunate onboarding processes?

Possibly, causing you to question if you made the right decision.

– “Your equipment and access will be available in about a week or two.”

– Not hearing from anyone for days after you start.

– “Call Pam, Steve, Bob, and Joe, see if they need any help”

– Being assigned to read a bunch of documentation – “let me know if you have any questions”

– Getting introduced to the team on Day 1, and then being forgot about.

– “We have a project starting verrrry soon, we’re waiting for the SOW to sign, just sit tight”

– Asked to schedule an intro meeting with your manager who’s out on PTO for 2 weeks.

– “Here’s your tasks for the week, I communicated to management you’ll be done by Friday. Thanks for coming onboard!”

– A cold handoff, since the person that you’re replacing left a month ago.

– “We assigned you to work with John, he’s new too, good luck”

Maybe all of your starts have been pleasant and accommodating

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