Thank you to Johan Yu and Angie Chng and all the attendees at this week’s Singapore Salesforce User Group for allowing to share my thoughts on Building a Brand.

A good question came up (and often does), which I think many of us have thought about before:

Starting a Salesforce Blog.

Thoughts such as:

1. What should I write about?

2. There’s already too many blogs, do we really need another one?

3. What should the format be?

4. Will anyone care?

5. What will I get out of it?

All of these are very valid.

My short answers:

1. Find your niche and what you enjoy most, you’d be surprised how the thoughts start flowing

2. Someone, somewhere, at this exact time can use and find value in what you have to say, your personality, your take, your opinion

3. Focus on the content, the bells and whistles don’t matter as much

4. Yes, maybe not the 1st time or the 2nd or the 3rd, but eventually people will care and enjoy what you’re sharing

5. More than you think, the process of getting your thoughts on paper and being able to articulate yourself through writing can be enjoyable, satisfying, and I think can help build additional valuable skills to help your career

You gotta start though.

We’re waiting…

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