SRTotD (Salesforce Random Thought of the Day): The Many Industry Niches Of Salesforce

As I speak with smaller consulting companies, it is fascinating to me how many small pockets of industry focus that are available to define a target market.

If you’re thinking of starting your own consulting practice, or maybe just being a 1 man/woman band as an independent, a suggestion is to find your little niche to excel at. 

Marketers often say, the smaller the market segment, the better, as over time your name will become known within that space and prospective customers will find you.  

Not over night, over time.

Also, don’t try to become all things to all people, but rather a specialist in your specific field of expertise.

Since every business needs customers and sales and need to have a digital platform to survive, think about an area that you have a passion about.

Just a few that come to mind (and these are still very broad):

– Artistry

– Home Decor

– Outdoor Leisure Activities

– Specific Non-Profits

– Music

– Cooking

Whatever you enjoying doing, maybe as a hobby or from a previous industry that you worked in and feel that you have an internal desire to be best in class, then use that layered with Salesforce.

I see plenty of opportunity there.  

Hopefully, you do too…

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