SRTotD (Salesforce Random Thought of the Day): The Internal CRM

Often one of the bigger inhibitors in organizations is the misalignment of “the business” and I.T.

Leading to fractured relationships and unsuccessful outcomes.

Items such as:

– Lack of a tailored solution to meet the business functions.

– The inability to show and demonstrate value in the services being offered.

– The lack of education with what the technology products have to offer to help.

– Miscommunications (or no communication) across silos.

– Being challenged to use an external vendor (competitor) to get the project done.

Interestingly enough, I think that’s what a CRM tool is intended to highlight and correct.

While we often spend most of our time using CRM to assist, educate, and build relationships to help sell products and services to external customers, we also have an opportunity to use the same concepts internally.

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