Showing your true colors…

Is there a good time to open up and be your real self to your co- workers, clients, manager, etc.?

Maybe close to the same way you would act, speak and conduct yourself with your friends or family.

Or is there no chance they’d ever see that side of you?

Maybe it would build a stronger bond with those you associate with, if that’s what you wanted.

Or do you worry that they might look at you in a different light?

Having them think: “I’ve never seen that side of you before”.

Sometimes, it might be when the other party does it first, which then allows you to let your guard down.

Unless it back-fired on you causing unintended consequences.

We probably spend some time analyzing this, especially in written communications.

Internally saying to ourselves: “I know I said this, but what I really wanted to say was this”.

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