Salesforce TA’s: Please Don’t Go!!!

If you’ve lost your in-house Salesforce Technical Architect this year, based on my experience, you’re probably looking at a 3-5 month lead time to find and hire another.

Your situation may vary, but I think most will agree:

It’s Freaking Hard!

Suggestion #1: (if you’ve already lost them): promote internally, contract it out to stop the bleeding, significantly reduce the position requirements.

Even with a good salary, remote options, great culture, etc. these don’t seem to be making a huge difference right now.

Suggestion #2: Get in front of your TA before this happens, have an open dialogue.

Suggestion #3: Evaluate your TA’s salary against the current market, if you’re at or below, you might be at risk.

How about some KC and The Sunshine Band:

That I’m going to miss your skills

The minute you walk out that door

So please don’t go

Don’t go

Don’t go away

Please don’t go

Don’t go

I’m begging you to stay

Please Don’t Go (1979)

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