The Salesforce Recruiting Handbook

I thought this might be needed to help our fellow recruiters.

Feel free to add your chapter in the comments.

Please be nice…

I’ll start:

Chapter 1 – If one doesn’t respond by email immediately, please don’t call, text and email again within 3 minutes.

Chapter 2 – Understand what X times certified means.

Chapter 3 – Admins typically aren’t writing Apex.

Chapter 4 – Please don’t use the entry level category, and then require 2+ years experience.

Chapter 5 – Understand what Trailhead and Superbadges are and why one has them listed.

Chapter 6 – If one specifies remote only, they really mean remote only.

Chapter 7 – If one’s LinkedIn profile looks suspect, it probably is.

Chapter 8 – A fabulous new opportunity to a recruiter, does not necessarily mean a fabulous new opportunity to someone else.

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