Salesforce Professionals: Working From Home

I’m led to believe this doesn’t work well for everyone and has a lot do to with your role, or maybe how you’re used to working.

Occasionally, I hear: “Chris, I only work remote, I can do everything I need to at home with the technologies we have”.

Over the past week, I’ve been sitting in business requirements and solution design sessions all over Zoom.

The fatigue, the slowness, the inability to think and vocalize thoughts as easily just isn’t there.

Often, I find myself, either with my eyes closed or staring off into the ether, surely looking like an amateur “Zoomer”.

While the work is getting done and progress is being made, I don’t feel it’s as productive.

I’d much rather travel to a centralized location with a round table and a white board working collaboratively in a group setting.

Maybe you’re having more success in your current set up.

FWIW, I’ve had a few clients over the last few weeks tell me they’re moving a little more aggressively back into the office.

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