Salesforce Professionals: Slow-Walkers

In Roni Lubwama‘s book – The Inside Track to Excelling as a Business Analyst, he discusses slow-walkers.

Not a term that I was familiar with, but definitely something I’ve experienced.

Slow-walkers are those that you might need information from, but they have decided to take their time to provide it (sometimes not at all). 

Possibly, due to it not being a priority for them, or other motives (i.e. job security in a client/consulting situation).

Ultimately, causing your progress to be impeded.

Then, we might have to escalate over the slow-walker’s head in order to get our job done, causing some friction along the way.

Have you been able to have a straight-forward conversation with a slow-walker about why they’re not helping you?

Not always the easiest conversation to have…

Do you have any “smooth” tactics working with Slow Walkers?

Looking online: Hermès has a walking sneaker guaranteed to help one walk faster, only $870.

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