Salesforce Professionals: New Ideas

As you go about your day to day work, do new ideas come to mind?

What do you do with those?  

Let them fade away or do you write them down and share them?

If you’re responsible for a status report, you might want to add a small section at the bottom called: New Ideas of the Week.

Or document them in a weekly/monthly email.

Many will be lousy and get ignored, but occasionally a gem will catch someone’s attention.

And it could be one of those new, good, ideas that leads to a significant, positive impact, on your project.

More importantly, it shows that you’re a thinker, and not just a doer.

Doer’s can often be replaced with another doer, but a thinker is what can help set you apart.

Don’t waste those new ideas, they came about for a reason.

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