Salesforce Professionals: Fluff

How much additional fluff do you either write or read about when it comes to your project’s documentation?

Do you often find something that could have been said in 2-3 sentences ends up being drawn out to 2-3 paragraphs, or even 2-3 pages?

Asking yourself either, why am I reading this or will my audience I’m writing this for even read this?

When I used to help write proposals at big consulting companies, I needed to determine how many different ways I can get a message across to cover all the bases. 

Or maybe it was to help management feel that I’ve put in enough time, thought and effort into the exercise.

Now, when I write proposals, I think about how many different ways can I shorten the message to still be equally effective and understood.

With the hopes that it will actually be read.

Easy to understand, impactful, and concise, is often a tough combination.

I think effective writing should be on all of our “skills to continue to enhance list”.

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