Evaluating Salesforce Partners

This past week, I had a friend ask about ideas on evaluating Salesforce Partners for a project.

I don’t think he wants to put a formal RFP out for responses, so probably something with less overhead.

A few ideas come to mind:

  • Look at reviews/ratings/CSAT/tiers from the App Exchange
  • Word of mouth/referrals

Come up with a set of key criteria prioritizing what specifically is being sought after, such as:

  • Summary of successful (and unsuccessful) projects/case studies
  • Specific cloud/product/industry experience
  • Profiles of current team members
  • What if scenario’s
  • Operating/Implementation model – off/near/onshore
  • Scalability for niche skills
  • Team setup – Cost model
  • Culture fit

I saw there were a few blogs out there on this subject.

Any other suggestions?

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