Salesforce Newcomers: Your Opportunity To Ask

As I’m sure you know, having some questions ready to ask during an interview is important to show engagement and interest.

But rather than just the norm, such as, the company’s future, the Salesforce roadmap, the team’s biggest struggles, etc.

How about asking for some guidance for your own professional development (and it doesn’t have to be pinpointed at you to put them on the spot).

Things like:

– What do they see as the greatest skill for a newcomer to have?

– Where do they see newcomers struggle the most during these interviews?

– How could a newcomer better prepare for interviews?

– Why do they think newcomers aren’t getting many opportunities?

Really anything that will help you get some more perspective from their point of view, as I’m sure many would love to share their thoughts.

Even if you don’t get offered the position, there’s probably some great advice that you have a perfect opportunity to ask about.

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