Salesforce Newcomers: Working Remote Questions

Do you feel you can be just as productive and effective at your 1st position if you were remote versus being in an office?

Particularly, if you were in a team setting with more experienced Salesforce professionals.

Would it be easier to go over and speak to someone to brainstorm an idea in person, versus virtually?

If you need help in real time and everyone is working remote, would you find it more challenging to get the assistance you need, when you need it?

While popping into someone’s office might be an interruption, seeing your bright smile is probably hard to turn down to help.

The flexibility of a remote position sounds great, but would it cause more stress and frustration, and possibly feeling more deserted?

If you have an option to work in an office setting, it “might” be the better option, as you kickstart your Salesforce career.

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