Salesforce Newcomers: Do you have an industry advantage?

If you’re making a career transition, where are you coming from, and can you use that industry knowledge (layered with Salesforce) to your advantage?

Doing a search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator for people, grouped by industry, that have Salesforce as part of their profile are below (U.S. based).

Can you look for open positions within one of these industries that directly align to where you’ve been and where you want to continue to go?  

Sure, some industries have taken a hit harder than others, so maybe a smaller sub-industry within, may still be a viable option.

Can your past/present help set you apart?

Law – 3.5K

Oil & Energy – 8.5K

Automotive – 17K

Construction – 16K

Real Estate – 27K

Human Resources – 19K

Pharmaceuticals – 14K

Management Consulting – 24K

Telecommunications – 46K

Information Technology & Services – 210K

Computer Software – 170K

Marketing & Advertising – 100K

Financial Services – 83K

Internet – 58K

Hospital & Health Care – 48K

Insurances – 29K

Medical Devices – 24K

Retail – 16K

Computer & Network Security – 13K

Consumer Goods – 13K

Biotechnology – 10K

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