Salesforce Newcomers: Demonstrating your skills

Have you thought about how you can demonstrate your ability to configure Salesforce to solve a problem that may interest a potential employer?

Rational (or irrational) reasons that come to mind:

– You don’t know what to show

– You don’t think it will do any good

– You’re not sure where to begin

– You’re intimidated what others might think/say

– It won’t help you get any closer to landing a position

– No one will look at it

– You don’t have time

– You’re not sure if it will be good or right

– You won’t be able to answer questions if asked

– Others have been successful without doing so, why bother

– No one will really care

– You have better ways to gain an edge (more certs/more badges/more job applications)

– You’re not comfortable showing your work to the world

– It takes too much effort

– You feel once won’t be enough and don’t want to keep attempting

– You don’t know where to turn to if you need help

– You’d rather just stay with your current approach and a break will eventually happen

Most are probably valid reasons.

And, it’s almost as easy to start, as it is not to.

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