Salesforce Jobs: Numbers That Matter (A Rant)

Salesforce Economic Impact – 4.2 Million New Jobs 2019-2024

For every positive message about the economic boom that Salesforce is creating, there should probably be at least one naysayer or at least someone to challenge the positivity.

I’ll be the first to step up, based on this latest report.

Salesforce sponsoring this report for what purpose?

Are we creating or filling jobs?

I think anyone who’s been following Salesforce for any period of time knows the growth curve continues to go up exponentially.

Salesforce has done the necessary marketing to speak to it’s revenue targets, large acquisitions, increased customer market share and positive, inspirational initiatives it has taken on.

But, within this report, I don’t think we’re targeting what needs to be addressed. Sure, numbers like the below shows there’s opportunity to be had for future career seekers, but that only tells one side of the story.

From 2019 to 2024:

  • 4.2 Million new jobs worldwide
  • 1.2 Trillion of new business revenue to their local economies
  • For ever $1 Salesforce will make, the ecosystem will make up to $5.80

For Trailhead:

  • 17.5 million badges earned since 2014 on Trailhead

Benioff signing the Pledge to America’s Workers to train 500,000 workers, and then making a real-time decision to increase it to 1,000,000 to make it a nice, round number.

Does it matter if it’s 500,000 or 1,000,000 or 10,000,000?

New job creation and training is one thing, job fulfillment I think is what should really matter and be reported on.

Here’s the numbers I would like to see and questions to have answered from any future report:

  • Exactly, what are those 4.2 million new jobs by type? What are the specific required skills and experience needed to fill them? How many are entry level?
  • Of those 4.2 million new jobs, how many are actually getting filled? Per year?
  • What is the experience level, backgrounds and demographics of those that are getting filled? Broken down by programs like: PepUp Tech, Pathfinder, Vetforce, Merivis Foundation, JVS, etc.
  • What percentage of those that have no prior hands-on experience but are certified or have badges are getting employed? And how long is it taking? And by what employers and industries?

Yes, we see the occasional Trailblazer story of those that “made it” that gives encouragement to others, but wouldn’t real numbers that back that up demonstrate a much better story?

If we can make a prediction of what’s to come with Salesforce job creation and revenue growth, couldn’t we use a similar analysis of what’s already occurred and use that to help encourage (or discourage) those in making a determination if this path is worth their time, energy and resources?

Speaking to only the positives can create a false sense of what’s really happening in the Salesforce job economy.

Hopefully, you’ll agree that numbers matter, but the right questions need to be asked to produce the numbers necessary to make an informed decision for our future Salesforce career seekers.

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