Salesforce Content Creators: Thank You

For your contributions.

It takes time to create content for others to see, but more than that, it takes guts.

Guts because you might ask yourself:

Will anyone like it, read it, watch it, listen to it, share it, find it interesting, or helpful?

Which might lead to: why am I even doing this?

And your guts overcame this mental resistance.

And you published anyway.

And someone noticed it, enjoyed it, thought about it, maybe even took action on it.

Your contribution helped them.

Or maybe you don’t create from scratch and you comment on other’s work instead.

Thank you.

As, you might have resisted and even drafted something and then thought to yourself: “ah, forget it”, worrying about a potential backlash, but you stood for something, and rolled with it.

You contributed to the conversation, possibly with an opposing viewpoint, which then helped others, who were thinking the same thoughts.

Thank you to the creators, contributors, and commenters in expressing yourselves.

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