Salesforce Community Group Leaders: If you’re looking for presentation ideas for future meet-ups, how about:

Having Salesforce authors present their books.

Outside of the hard work to write a book, the opportunity to promote it is critical.

We often see and hear authors, actors, and other entertainers, as guests on talk shows, podcasts, and live events trying to get more awareness of their name and their book.

The local Salesforce community events would be a great stage for our authors.

I think hearing their story would be informative and educational on:

– What inspired them to write it

– Walking us through the writing process

– Who the book is for and how can it help

– Q&A

A few of the publishing companies and contacts for some of the books I’ve read: Susan McDermott of Apress, as well as Packt, and a few others.

Thank you for your support.

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