It’s a Jungle Out There – Part 1: Get Ahead of the Pack


In a time of frequent turnovers, downsizing, mergers, and acquisitions, finding that next great job or game-changing candidate can be a game of survival. I spoke with Kelley Ervin of Endiem about this and shared some tips for both candidates and employers for how to navigate what can be challenging terrain. You can read the first section of this 2-part series here.

Endiem, a Salesforce Certified Partner headquartered in Houston, TX, was opened by Geraldine Gray, in 2013. Geraldine is well-known in the Salesforce-land for starting Girly Geeks (now known as Salesforce Women in Tech) and continuing to grow the WIT network as a Salesforce MVP and AppExchange Maverick. Endiem is known for taking on the difficult projects others turn down.