Salesforce Career Seekers: How About Some Wednesday “WOW”?!

In doing a debrief with a Salesforce Admin/BA after her in person interview, we talked about the conversation and the types of questions that were asked on both sides. 

My 2 favorite “wow” questions that she asked (paraphrased):

1. Why does this position exist? 

This question alone should give you a greater understanding about what’s happening within the organization, is it new, is it a replacement role, what’s the history behind it, etc. (CH Wow Rating: 4 out of 5).

2. What do you feel is the biggest challenge I will have in this position? 

This question is fantastic! Let the interviewer(s) provide their opinion, which opens them up and gives you insight into what you might be up against if you were to join. (CH Wow Rating: 5 out of 5).

How Now Brown Cow? 

Wow, That’s How!

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