Salesforce Career Seekers: Flow

Not Salesforce Flow. Rather: Interview flow.

Or said more politely: shut-up some

One of the more difficult pieces of feedback that I receive from a hiring manager is:

“Chris, Fire-Mouth Fred didn’t let me get a word in during the interview”

Yes, I realize that you have a limited amount of time during an interview and you have a wealth of knowledge that you want to share. 

But, not allowing the interviewer to speak and ask questions can kill the interview.

I used to do this on sales calls. 

Prospect picks up the phone:

“Hi, this is Chris (then a massive up-chuck about why I’m so great and can solve all your recruiting challenges)”.


“Hello, hello”

In your next interview, don’t be a Fire-Mouth Fred or an Up-Chuck Chris, please be more of a Free-Flowing Frances. 

Your friendly recruiter and hiring manager thanks you in advance.

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