Salesforce Career Seekers: Democratization

This is a strong and powerful word.
Definition: The action of making something accessible to everyone.
The greatness about this: accessible to everyone
The challenge with this: accessible to everyone
As you continue down your Salesforce career journey, please think about this.

The biggest differentiator: Your individual work that’s not democratized which will separate yourself and have a potential employer say:

“Yes, that’s good”

“I like what you’ve done”

“This is valuable”

“This is very insightful”

“You’ve really put some time, thought and energy into this”

“Tell/Show me more”

“We could use you (this)”

“Why did you do it that way”

“How did you come up with that idea”

“Work like this is what we need”

And eventually:

“We’d like to offer you the position”

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