Salesforce Career Seekers: Creating Applications

Interviewer: “So, Chris, tell me about some custom Salesforce applications that you created”

Some ideas:

– An internal job applicant tracking app as if you were working in HR, posting a new position, tracking the applicants, storing their resumes, the interviews/communications that occur, the salary offers, etc. 

– Another HR suggestion used for current employees to track their salaries, bonuses, merit raises, PTO, benefits, performance evaluations, issues/complaints, work anniversaries, birthdays, special interests, etc.

– If you were the internal I.T. helpdesk to track products: inventory, hardware, software, licenses, peripherals, phones for the employees. Using cases for service management for issues, severity, resolutions time, SLA’s, etc.

– Lastly, standing up a Community for tracking the interaction for specific services that are being offered to the public.  Working at a library, showing book clubs, foreign language classes, passport photo services, kids reading classes, etc. creating a schedule, who’s attending, waitlists, email campaigns, surveys to show how they’re interacting with the services, etc.

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it” ~Amelia Earhart (1st female to fly solo across the Atlantic)

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