Food for thought – it is Taco Tuesday after all.

I was reviewing a sophisticated Data Scientist’s resume yesterday, over 12 years experience, 5 different positions, Masters from Stanford, a real heavy hitter, IMO.

Resume length = 1 page, 5-6 impactful bullet points in each position, no random bold keywords, rather meaningful, compact, and impressive.

Then I review a Salesforce Admin/Developer’s resume, 5 years experience, 6 pages long, 15 random bullet points, the 1st 1/3 is certification banners, every 3rd word bolded, every Salesforce technology and operating system that’s ever existed listed, along with what almost seems to be the same position repeated over and over.

I think your resume can speak volumes on your behalf, when it’s composed with some thought.

And like a good taco, it can leave a lasting impression when it has some meat and substance, rather than just being filled with lettuce and hot sauce.

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