Taking recruiters through the weeds.

Part of the external recruiter’s job is to feel comfortable with the candidate that we’re submitting.

And usually to provide a brief summary of why we think the person we’re submitting is a good fit.

Yes, I know many times you feel the conversation will go way over our heads (or may even be a waste of your time), especially if the position is highly technical.

But if possible, take us through the weeds with details of your experience and expertise.

I think we’ll pick up on enough to get the gist.

As when we receive very short answers in our pre-screening process, it’s a struggle for us to move you forward in the process.

Yes, it’s also part of our job to ask questions that make sense and don’t require 1 word answers.

“Have you done X?”

I think going through the weeds together, will usually produce a better outcome.

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