Post pandemic career thoughts

You may have recently heard the term: The Great Resignation

After the last 12+ months, many of us had some time to reflect on: 

– Our current position

– The company culture

– Our work-life balance 

– Our home office setting 

– Our previous office commute 

– Time spent doing things we didn’t care to do 

Possibly discovering some new found freedom.

Maybe in part due to the mass layoffs that occurred to you or someone you know, causing some re-shifting of priorities.

Or you’ve had the opportunity to put things into a new perspective if you were able to slow down a little.

Some say, things have changed for good.

Possibly for some it has, for others, it’s back to how it used to be and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

And then for many, the rest of the year is left to trying to figure out what’s best and what will bring more career satisfaction.

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