Please Don’t Do These

In the world of recruiting/contract staffing, the more ridiculousness I run into, the more I realize if I didn’t have a good relationship with the customers I work with, I would have been kicked to the curb long ago. 

Here’s the latest, please don’t do these (for my sanity):

1. If you’re going to use the word “Present” on your resume, that means right now. Not yesterday, last week or last year. I don’t recommend to have “Present” on your resume and then your LI profile shows employment ending in 2018…you’re off to a bad start when dates don’t line up. 

2. If you’re running a side hustle other than between 7 PM and 7 AM or on the weekends or holidays, it takes about 2 days for your current project to figure it out and call me for an exit strategy. 

3. If you’re going to send in someone else for an in-person interview versus the individual I spoke with on the phone, at least give them the instructions I provided on how to get into the building, who to ask for, etc. – showing up like a lost puppy is not good; they failed the interview with flying colors, BTW.

And my wife wonders why I insist on having 3 glasses of wine at dinner…

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