One Of The Biggest Cardinal Sins To Interviewing: Being Late

Although, one that probably tops it: Being Smelly

Short story:

When I was in my early 30’s, I was called in to interview with a strategy management consulting company in Atlanta.  I’m talking about big balla status, Ivy-league MBA, top tier management consulting, ~$400/HR type…way out of my league.

Maybe I had a slight chance, but then guess what?

I was late, I mean not just a few minutes, over 15…that’s an eternity when it comes to interviewing.

I didn’t account for the horrific Atlanta traffic on a Friday afternoon…how dumb, the lame traffic excuse.

Did I get offered the position…heeeeck NO! 

I’m lucky they even let me in the building to talk to me at that point.

I was stressed, I didn’t present well, I was gushing sweat out of every last pore and I didn’t have anything witty to say to dig myself out (“He must have had on some really nice pants” ~Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness).

Don’t be late, expect the unexpected.

Added bonus: don’t smell…

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