Notice you, noticin’ me…

No, not the song Dangerous by Akon and Kardinal Offishall

Rather, who’s checking you out on your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re in the job market, and paying for the premium version on LI, then every few days, you probably want to see who’s checking you out.

Then go to their profile, and send them a personal invite (if you’re not connected).

Or if you’re already connected to them, go to their company page and see what positions they might have open.

Then go back to them, and say something like: “Hi Akon, I saw that your company is hiring for position X, I think I meet a lot of those qualifications, would you be open to a conversation?”

Many times employees get paid a referral bonus if you were to get hired.

It could be a win-win.

But you should take the 1st step here.

They checked you out for a reason.

Notice them, noticin’ you.

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