Salesforce Career Seekers – let’s talk about “non-competes”, which also can be called NDA’s, CDA’s, PIA’s, SA’s, or some other legal document that employers may have you sign that protects their “trade secrets”.

In speaking with a Salesforce consultant this past week, he/she was recently employed by a system integrator.  

AFTER STARTING, he/she was then handed a non-compete to sign that stated he/she could not work for a competitor for a year after ending their employment with this new employer.

So let’s recap (if this was me): 

1. I’m a Salesforce consultant

2. There’s thousands of Salesforce integrators (aka competitors)

3. I’m handed a legal document to sign after I’ve already started basically saying, I’ll need to take a year off after leaving or face potential legal ramifications

Quite a frustrating story and maybe there’s more to it on the legal side, but I don’t see how this is in your best interest.

To conclude, that was their last day (after having their lawyer review).

Please don’t get backed into a corner like this, thoroughly review every document you are asked to sign, if something seems “off”, ask someone.  

A new, better opportunity awaits you…

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