Certs, Badges, Superbadges, Trainings, etc.

Is having more of these, the best way to spend your time advancing/starting your Salesforce career?

Particularly, if those things have little relevancy to the work that you’re doing/pursuing.

How much of the information do you retain if you’re not using it day to day? I understand the importance of it being easier to reference when needed.

I raise these questions, as I’m not 100% convinced these are actually what sets you apart.

Especially, when there seems to be a never-ending stream of new things to obtain.

I’m all for “continuous learning”, but what about the context this falls under? Is that taken into account as often as it should?

More just for the sake of more, seems to be an infinite loop.

And in the end, is it really helping as much as what’s perceived?

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