Salesforce Newcomers: “Can you join?”

Do you try to be a part of every conversation/meeting that you can, to continue to grow?

I think you gather a ton of information just by being involved in these conversations and hearing what’s being discussed.

Even if it’s something that you’re not working on at this exact moment, but may be curious about. 

It will be a lot easier to reach back into your mental archive from past conversations when you hear about this subject again, rather than researching it completely from scratch.

As you continue down your path and as time allows, try to be a part of as many discussions, webinars, meetings, as you can, even if it’s just as a bystander.

And pay attention, if you have 6 other things going on concurrently, you’re probably not absorbing much.

This is not intended to make up for the tangible work you need to do, rather to help supplement it along the way.

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