Laugh, Chuckle, Cackle, Giggle, Snicker

Whatever you want to call it.

Are you able to get these in occasionally during your Zoom meetings with your colleagues?

If you hold a daily meeting in the morning, hopefully it’s not ALL business ALL the time.

Would anyone really want that?

Once in awhile, throw some friendly jabs at one another, take a few insults, tell a funny story, chuckle a little along the way before the meeting kicks off.

I’m not suggesting being disruptive and throwing things off course completely, rather find the right time to spread some cheer.

If someone is new, they might be the perfect target to show them your softer side.

If you dish it, you need to be able to take it too.

We all probably have our fair share of dealing with annoyances of our job.

Making sure there is humor along the way is important.

I think it can bring some morning feel good and comradery among the team.

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