Salesforce Newcomers: When you don’t have it.

During an interview, when you get asked about a particular Salesforce skill that you don’t have experience in, how do you answer?

In speaking with an experienced Solution Architect this past week, I asked about her development experience.

I thought she had a great, compelling answer worth sharing that you might be able to use some variation of.

“My programmatic developer skills are light, I don’t want to say weakness because its more just a reflection of where I am now in my career journey; we all grow and learn new skills.  I’d very much like to expand into Dev skills, I just haven’t been in a place to really do so previously.”

My take: she kept the answer positive, truthful, humble, with professional maturity, and a willingness to learn, if given the opportunity.

It’s not the “Yes” answer an interviewer might be looking for, but it’s a heck of a lot better than: “Sorry, nope, can’t say that I do”.

Any other suggestions when you run into this scenario?

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