Independent Consulting

Have you thought about independent consulting and not sure where to start?

Particularly when it comes to the legal/operational/tax stuff.

The book below really helped me about 12+ years ago.

A combination of books, mentors, and various accountants who I paid for consultation got me there.

I think once you get set up and “prime the pump”, it becomes pretty easy to manage.

Some items off the cuff:

  • Entity Name
  • Federal Tax ID/W-9
  • Insurance (Errors & Omissions, General Liability – I used Hartford, Health, Dental, etc.)
  • Articles of Organization/Incorporation
  • Company Bank Account (I used B of A, which offers free Payroll via Intuit)
  • QuickBooks or software for invoicing & collections
  • Solo 401k (I used Vanguard)
  • Accountant who specializes in small businesses/solo LLC’s

Any others for those who have been working for themselves for awhile?

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