“I should have just done it myself”

When you ask for help or assign someone a task, and it doesn’t meet your expectations or you find problems with the results.

Why did this happen?

Was the individual that you asked, the right person for the job?

Did you feel confident that they could do the task, or was it out of desperation to get it off your plate?

Did you know what their current workload looked like?

Did they have the proper direction that they needed to do it correctly?

Did you help ensure they wouldn’t feel embarrassed if they had a “silly” question to ask you?

Could more examples or references have been provided to ensure they had what they needed?

Was the timeline realistic for someone at their experience level?

Were you available when they needed you?

Often, tossing something over to someone else, sounds like the easy option, but is the individual that receives the assignment set up to be successful?

Many variables could be at play, and remembering, they’re not you is an important one. 

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