How about a little Throwback Tuesday?

80’s, big-hair rock, style…

In reviewing the below job description, Bon Jovi came to mind, along with the below modified lyrics of: 

You Give Love A Bad Name (1986)

“Shot through the heart

And HR’s to blame

You give recruiting a bad name (bad name)

Developers play their part and you play your game

You give recruiting, a bad name (bad name)

You give recruiting, a bad name”

And now for the JD:

– Master’s degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering

– 2+ years’ experience in related occupation utilizing experience in development skills with ALL .Net framework programming languages (including C, C#, VB)

– Development of data integration tool and custom development with web applications

– Serving as data integration EXPERT with SAP (ABAP), Excel (EPPLUS), Salesforce (APEX API), Oracle (OLEDB), MS-SQL

– UI experience for custom web application using .Net framework with Angular Javascript and improving data integration

– In lieu of Master’s degree, employer will accept Bachelor’s degree in above-listed fields and 5 years of progressive work experience in related occupation

Someday, this will get better, until then, let’s: Keep The Faith (1992)

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