Salesforce Newcomers: Your Supporting Cast

We all know landing your 1st position is a big deal, but I think having the in house supporting cast at your new position is equally important.

Sure, everyone has to endure a learning curve when coming in new, but having to figure EVERYTHING out on your own can be exhausting.

I occasionally have conversations with those who land their 1st Salesforce position, and within a few weeks/months they’re ready to bail, they feel overwhelmed, as everything is on their shoulders, with no where to turn internally.

Constantly Googling, turning to the Salesforce community, etc. etc. 

Often spending so much time researching, rather than being able to call a colleague to ask for direct help, support, and a little guidance.

If you’re going through the interview process, this may be something you want to ask about.

Are you going to be a lone wolf, or do you have some in-house support expertise?

Knowing this should help set expectations with what you might be up against once you get hired.

I understand the notion of: ambition, sink or swim, I’ll figure it out, etc.

But what about being constantly stressed out, working around the clock, and then utterly hating your new position?

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