The Help Dilemma

When is the right time to ask for help when solving a technical problem?

Is there ever really a “right” time?

We might tell ourselves, if we just spend 1 more minute, hour, day, week on it, we’ll figure it out.

Or just try 1, 2, 5, 10 more things to see if that will work.

Often repeating the same thing hoping for a different result (insanity some may call it).

At some point, do we throw in the towel, and succumb to ask for help?

Thinking – will we look incompetent if we do?

A tough mental battle I think many of us go through.

As we then run into the situation we’ve all probably faced at some point…

Someone else looks at it and solves it within seconds.

“Geez, I could have swore I tried that…”

A few weeks later, The Help Dilemma cycle repeats.

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