Working with half-as$es…

Hopefully, you’re not a half-as$, but maybe you work with someone who is.

Which creates challenges even having one half-as$ worker on a full-as$ team.

4 full-as$ workers and 1 half-as$ worker drops the full-as$ workers momentum down more than a half-as$.

As the full-as$es often spend more time stressing about the half as$, potentially causing their own work to become half-as$.

And sometimes half-as$ing becomes contagious.

Before you know it, everyone becomes a half-as$.

Or if you’re working (have worked) for a half-as$ manager, is it fair to expect a full-as$ team contribution?

Maybe the best solution is to keep all the half-as$ workers and managers together hoping to make 1 full-as$ team.

Be fortunate and proud if you and your team bring their full-as$ to work everyday, as I think many full-as$es have to deal with this type of half-as$ situation.

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